KOREAN HAND THERAPY A Practical Guide to Diagnosis and Treatment

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Do you have patients who have attended your clinic numerous times but do not improve significantly or their symptoms soon return?

Do you formulate a treatment plan for a patient but are anxious that you are just treating the symptoms and not getting to ‘the root of their problem’?

Did you learn about patient diagnostic methods while learning acupuncture but struggle to apply them in a clinical setting?

This book could change all that for you

In this highly anticipated follow up book to his initial guide- “Korean Hand Therapy (KHT)- An Introductory Guide to Hand Acupuncture, Acupressure & Moxibustion”, Dr Baik explores the often confusing clinical area of patient diagnosis and treatment.

With a focus on using the KHT approach to abdominal palpation and pulse taking, this concise guide clearly explains a practical, simple, logical diagnostic process which can quickly and easily be undertaken with each patient.

A practitioner can swiftly and efficiently diagnose the ‘root’ of their patients symptoms and undertake a powerful, individualised treatment plan.

Reading this book will streamline your diagnostic methods and revolutionise your treatment plans

If you would like to learn more about Korean Hand Therapy directly with Jong Baik there's more information here.