MediKore SMC Body Acupuncture Needles MULTIPACK (10 Needles per Guide Tube x 10 boxes, 10,000pcs)

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10 needles & 1 guide tube per blister, 1,000pcs per box x 10 boxes


SMC = Smart Medical Care

What's 'smart' about SMC needles?

  • Reduced Packaging = Reduced Waste - SMC have developed a manufacturing technique which packages the needles into smaller boxes resulting in less waste and a lower carbon footprint 
  • Reduced Plastic - SMC use a mix of paper and plastic in their needle blister packaging resulting in less use of plastic (They are looking at developing an all paper blister in the near future) and manufacture reusable metal guide tubes (sold separately herethat can be used to minimize plastic usage even more
  • Superior Quality - SMC manufacture their needles in South Korea to maintain the highest of quality control standards, use superior quality Korean medical grade stainless steel in all their needles and triple grind the needle tips for smooth insertion
  • Economical Price Point - Buying products which are kinder for the planet shouldn't cost the earth. SMC are committed to keeping manufacturing costs to a minimum and work directly with MediKore to pass those savings onto practitioners
  • Forward Thinking - SMC are continually developing manufacturing and packaging methods that are eco-friendly and create minimal waste

Made in Korea

Minimal packaging waste for the eco friendly practitioner

Stainless Steel Spring Handle Style- no loop

1,000 needles per box x 10 boxes

Long shelf life

Available in the following sizes:

  • 0.16 x 7mm
  • 0.18 x 8mm
  • 0.16 x 15mm
  • 0.16 x 30mm
  • 0.20 x 15mm
  • 0.20 x 30mm
  • 0.25 x 30mm
  • 0.25 x 40mm
  • 0.25 x 50mm
  • 0.25 x 60mm

Note: 7 & 8mm length needles do not include guide tubes

RRP £249.99/10,000 Needles

Please Note: Multipacks of 10,000 Acupuncture Needles can contain a mixture of different sizes (Minimum 1,000/box) to suit your requirements. During the checkout process please let us know what sizes you require and we will make our order fulfillment team aware of this when packing your order.

Images for illustration purposes only- packaging may vary

EO Gas Sterilization, Silicon tip coated