KOREAN HAND THERAPY A Comprehensive Manual

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KOREAN HAND THERAPY A Comprehensive Manual

This KHT comprehensive manual includes:

  • An introduction to Korean Hand Therapy, the three main theories, and treatment techniques
  • An exploration into KHT research
  • A full explanation of Micro-Meridians A-N
  • A wide selection of recommended KHT prescriptions
  • Diagnosis in Traditional East Asian Medicine and KHT
  • An introduction to abdominal palpation and Yin Yang pulse taking
  • Extensive Four Point KHT prescriptions
  • Case studies and treatment examples
  • An introduction to the Eight Extraordinary Vessels and KHT confluent points
  • An extensive index for quick reference in a clinical setting 

Do you wish you had the skills to look after your own health as well as your patients?

Do you lose potential patients because they cannot receive a treatment due to a needle phobia or have mobility issues which mean they struggle to lay on a couch?

This book could change all that for you Korean Hand Therapy (KHT) is an easy-to-learn, amazingly powerful, versatile, and convenient therapy that differs from reflexology, body acupuncture, and other micro-systems.

This comprehensive manual brings together a wide range of KHT research from around the world and explores both invasive and non-invasive treatment options. It also explains how to quickly locate KHT points and undertake a full treatment using only the patient’s hands.

Furthermore, it includes clearly explained diagnostic methods and a large selection of suggested treatment prescriptions to assist practitioners to treat both themselves and their patients.

Reading this book will revolutionise your practice and your health

If you would like to learn more about Korean Hand Therapy directly with Jong Baik there's more information here.