The Three Treasures An Exploration of Jing 精, Qi 氣 and Shen 神 Focusing on Huangdi Neijing

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Jing, Qi and Shen, the Three Treasures 三寶, are fundamental notions underpinning the two most important philosophical concepts in Traditional East Asian Medicine, holism and mind-body synthesis. To grasp the essential qualities associated with the Three Treasures and the close connection among them as a whole is the core to enjoying a healthy life and longevity.

Written by Jong Baik PhD, this book synthesizes previous studies on the Three Treasures, systematizes each concept of them, explores the interrelationship between them on the basis of it, and finally discusses how to preserve them.

The entire spectrum of life can be defined as an integration of the Three Treasures. Virtually every phenomenon related to the human body, from birth to death, is a manifestation of the dynamic potentials within the Three Treasures. They are constantly interacting for the homeostasis of a human being.